Private Piano Teachers In Singapore Near You – How To Find Them?

Looking for a private home piano teacher who lives near your place makes scheduling for lessons much easier. This is because if you travel to the teacher’s studio, the commute is way shorter. For cases where the teacher travels to your house instead, it is also easier for you and the tutor to liaise for lesson dates and timings. If the teacher stays very far from you, traveling and scheduling lessons can be a problem.

How to find a teacher who is near you?

However, with all that said, how do you find a private piano teacher near you in Singapore? You cannot exactly knock on people’s doors and ask if they are a piano teacher.

Thankfully with the Internet, there are a few places through which you can easily find a music tutor in Singapore who lives near you.

Find a teacher through an agency

First of all, you could engage a company such as sglearnpiano who could help you find a qualified piano teacher who stays near you from their database of teachers. These companies usually do not charge students anything as part of their service. They only charge the tutors. So, as a student, you get the best of both worlds when you go through them. This is because you will save time and effort and are also not required to spend any extra money by engaging their services. Of course, not all agencies are equally good. You need to do your research.

Ask a friend for a referral

Second of all,  if you know a student who lives near you and he or she has a teacher who also lives near you, good! You could ask your friend for a referral. I am sure the teacher will be more than happy to teach you as well as long as the teacher has the time. Teachers usually love client referrals. This is an easy way to find a private piano teacher in Singapore who is near you. However, this method only works if you have such a friend.

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