How Much Do Piano Lessons Really Cost In Singapore – An In-depth Look

How Much Do Piano Lessons Really Cost In Singapore?

Many people think that the only costs related to learning the piano are just that of the piano purchase price and the teacher’s hourly cost. However, there are lots of hidden costs that many Singaporean parents may not know about. I want to share these piano learning costs with you. This is so that you are more aware of it. With this knowledge, you can make a more informed financial decision before deciding to get your child enrolled in piano classes in Singapore.

Piano exam registration and application costs

Whenever your child registers for a practical or theory ABRSM piano examination in Singapore, you will need to pay a certain fee to ABRSM. ABRSM is basically the internationally recognized music board. It is widely used as a way to certify a student’s piano playing proficiency. It is similar to the IB system or the O and A level systems in many countries around the world for academia.

Each exam application and attempt for the exam will cost you money.

It generally starts around $180 for grade 1 and up to around $500 for grade 8 for the practical piano examination.

Theory examinations are cheaper to apply for and sit for. They start around $110 for grade 1 up till approximately $200 for grade 8.

The above mentioned rates are in Singapore Dollars.

Piano books costs

Piano theory and practical books are necessary whether your child wants to learn for leisure or for ABRSM proficiency levels. These books are around $10 to $20 per book in Singapore. There will usually be three to four official ABRSM piano exam practical books, and several more for theory. If your child also wants to learn pop music songs, then there will be more books required.

Examination piano studio rental costs

Before your child goes for the official ABRSM practical examinations, practicing on the exact piano which will be used during the exams is necessary. To do this, the teacher will usually rent the studio for several sessions. Your child will be having the few lessons prior to the examinations at the rented studio instead.

These costs varies. It depends on the music school in Singapore that your child is deployed to for the practical piano exams.

Travelling costs (if applicable)

If your child is not having the private piano teacher go to your house for piano lessons, then travelling costs will be required. Either your child needs to take the public transport, or you will be fetching him or her to and fro. These are travelling costs that you need take into consideration.

I strongly recommend that if your child wants to take piano lessons, to hire a private piano home teacher in Singapore to go to your house instead.

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